[Music begins]

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I think Northampton is a great community to be in as a student. Just walking around, which costs no money, is usually highly entertaining in Northampton.

For fun, me and my friends will go see bands at the Iron Horse, or go get coffee or tea at the cafes downtown.

There's always Hampshire Mall, and the cinema over there if you want to watch movies.

I'm actually, because I'm on the Equestrian Team and my horse is here, so that takes up most of my free time. When I'm not in class and not working, I go down to the barn and I ride.

It's nice to get off campus a little bit and see the rest of Northampton. Even other things going on. Dance recitals, I really enjoy those.

My friends and I used to go out, like once a month, to a different restaurant downtown and pick something that all the seniors could participate in. It was really fun, exploring Northampton.

They have the five-college calendar online, which they list all of the events going on at the different schools. So, you can see what concerts and what events are going on at Amherst or UMass. And, it's a great way to bond with your friends at Smith, go off campus, and meet new people.

So this year, I'm going to be chair of the Student Event Committee, which is a huge committee on campus, and it plans basically every social event that happens. We bring all the musicians to campus, all the comedians. We have a really big concert at the end of every year. Last year we had Janelle Monae and it was awesome. But, yeah, anything fun going on, on campus. We have like drag bingo, where we have a drag queen come and read bingo to us and you can win ipods and stuff like that. Just lots of fun events.

I am always amazed and flabergasted at how much goes on on this campus, that spans the range. I can't imagine, you wouldn't find, as a student, something that interests you from a lecture, to a concert, to a party, to an organization meeting or something. So getting involved in those things and finding the things that really interest you, is I think where they will find their fun.

[Music fades]