Thank you everybody so much for coming today. I'm Emily, I'm the Wellness Education Director at Smith. Some of you know me, some of you don't. Today, we are here to talk about alcohol basically, a conversation about alcohol and I'm going to start with a question you maybe don't get asked very often in an educational thing about alcohol. Maybe you expect me to talk about how you could die from alcohol--which I totally will--but I'm also going to ask you this question.

[Music begins: "Sing Sing Sing" by The Benny Goodman Orchestra]

I'm going to put a smiley face over here and a frownie face over here and I'm going to ask you the question: what are the good things about alcohol? You're allowed to say it's fun.

Good things about alcohol for me would include, it can be fun!

It can be really fun, it can be social. It can kind of loosen the anxiety you might feel when you're with a group of people you don't know very well.

For me, it's more about the people and the taste than really anything else.

It can be very enjoyable with friends, if you're drinking together, to laugh, to have fun.

It makes you feel good. It makes you happy in social situations.

It's relaxing definitely. It relieves your stress and just sometimes gives you an excuse to be divas.

Help you relax, relieve some stress. Sex may be pleasureable, possibly.

How about not-so-good things. Any not-so-good things?

Overuse. And misuse.

Waking up the next morning and feeling awful.

I think a lot of people make really irrational decisions when they drink. And that winds up on Facebook, or winds up in the gossip mill, and they don't really appreciate that afterwards.

You can black out. You can not remember what happened. You can have sex with someone you didn't really want to have sex with.

I've seen some people get sick and sometimes it's a little scary, it's a little worrying. And it's not fun taking care of anyone who is sick.

It can be addicting and there can be really bad consequences with that, when people get addicted to alcohol.

Not being in control of yourself.

Well, you can die, if you drink too much.

And you can get in to a lot of trouble.

Whether you choose to drink or not to drink, there are consequences that need to be contemplated before making that decision.

You might say something that you didn't intend to say, before you are drunk. So, just be careful with that.

[Music fades]

So, when you look at these two lists, is there anything you notice? Anything you see, what do you think?