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J-Term 2017
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Digital Media Literacy

Students who are 'given a voice' by leveraging digital media tools greatly increase their ability to interpret, critically challenge, communicate and retain key concepts within their disciplines. The Digital Media Literacy program is an accelerated two-week, two credit J-Term course designed to immerse students in media project planning and management, digital equipment operation, field production and post-production techniques. The goal of the Digital Media Literacy course is to empower students to control the context, content and focus of their digital communications in an ethical and persuasive manner.


Marie Koury, Class of 2017

"In such a short time this class has been extremely transformative. My main interest is with video production and I came into the class wanting to focus my energy on this portion of the course. And while I spent hours meticulously editing my video, I was surprised at how passionate I began to feel about the other modules and the expansive amount of knowledge I was able to learn from each of them in a brief period.

Surprising, too, was the insight I gained on what my strengths and weaknesses are in each module and what that meant for my ability and work ethic as a whole. I was able to notice broad patterns that helped define and refine my artistic vision and technical skills.

It is a powerful feeling to gain clarity and perspective on my own capabilities because it allows me to push myself into places I know I can now go and helps to further develop the places where I am already proficient and familiar."