Fabulous! Excellent! That was SmART: the Smithie Alcohol Risk Tutorial. Great job, you guys - so much information, totally fabulous! What did we learn?

Well, we learned about "the Pleasure Plateau." It turns out that you can have a better night by just drinking gradually over the course of the evening instead of drinking a lot all at once and slipping into "the zone of regret."

We also learned about the biphasic effect and how things like pace can affect whether you have the negative consequences from drinking or have a positive experience with drinking. For example, blacking out is often more affected by the speed at which you drink as opposed to just the amount of drinks that you have in one night.

We learned that tolerance is just your brain's perception of alcohol. So if two people are drinking the exact same amount, the person with a higher tolerance will feel less drunk, but they'll both be equally cognitively impaired.

We learned that "alcopop," like four loko for exmaple, can have as many as five standard drinks in just one can. So be a SmART Smithie, do the math, and know exactly how much you're drinking.

And we learned that alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, which has nothing to do with mood and everything to do with just slowing things down in your brain, which is why it's such a bad idea to mix it with a stimulant, like caffeine, because it's hitting like the brakes and gas on a car at the same time. But we've also learned lot of things that were not about alcohol. For example, I learned how completely crucial music is to an effective educational video.

[Music begins: "Circle of Life," from "The Lion King"]

And I had a lot of fun interviewing Smithies and learning about fun things I can do in town or just what they do when they're stressed.

I had such a great time working with the staff members here at Smith. They're all here to support you and they're a great group of people and really care a lot.

I learned how to do animations in Flash, and I also met my next door neighbor for the fall. Hey Emily!

Hey Julia!

I learned about filming, so much about filming and editing and how to do sort of both of those things effectively and efficiently.

Awesome. So, shall we tell the class of 2015 what they need to do to complete their mandatory alcohol education requirement?

So the first thing to do is to click the "next" button and there will be a link to a five-question quiz about what you've learned in this video. It is required before you come to Smith but it is totally painless and we would really appreciate it if you would do it before you came.

And at the end of that quiz you'll see another link to a survey, also five questions and also mandatory before you come to Smith.

In the past, 100% of first year students have completed their alcohol education requirement without needing any sanctions. We know the Class of 2015 won't be any different.

Thanks for watching!