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Students here know that if they call for help, there will be no academic or judicial consequences for themselves or for their friend. Health, safety, and wellness truly are paramount in this community.

What a fascinating night of observation. We were able to answer the questions regarding drinking behavior of Smithies and and the culture surrounding alcohol on this campus. Throughout the night we saw several strategies to engaging in high risk drinking behaviors and we saw strategies for preventing friends or acquaintances from engaging in them as well. But we still haven't answered the question of "Why?" Why do some students choose to engage in these behaviors, knowing the risks? To find out, let's dig a little deeper.

In the rigorous academic jungle that is Smith College, it's easy to get stress sometimes. Add in the ups and downs of life and sometimes students get overwhelmed or exhausted. The stressors can vary from a fight with a roommate about who was supposed to clean out the minifridge or getting a dreaded B on a quiz. or even relationship troubles. Or something even worse.