[Music begins: "'White Mischief" composed by Simon Jeffes & Geoffrey Richardson]

College students. Alcohol. We all know the stereotypes. But how true are these stereotypes in a place that defies so many expectations. A place like Smith College, with it's unique housing system and a community composed of extraordinary women engaged in the extraordinary task of self-discovery.

What role does alcohol play among such people? To find out, we observe these students in their natural habitats: at meals, at parties. What we have found is a community committed to learning just as much outside of the classroom as in. Through their academics, their student organizations, their jobs and internships, their health and well-being, and even alcohol. What is the typical drinking behavior of a Smithie? What role does alcohol play on this campus? How do they manage the risks that go along with alcohol consumption?

We begin our quest for these answers at ten o'clock on a Saturday night, at the pre-party gathering of a senior in the house.

[Music transitions to: "One (Your Name)" by Ministry of Sound 2011]

The first thing we notice, is that many students are not drinking. Most of the students who are drinking, are doing it in a safe way. These two, seem to be making an appearance, as it is colloquially known and socializing with friends, but are not planning to pre-game or stay out late.

Ah, here's an interesting ritual, the college drinking game. While it's easy to count drinks in a controlled setting, it can often be difficult to keep track or opt out of drinking while playing a game. However, if we observe closely, we will notice that this person has decided to take tiny sips, to avoid drinking more than she wants to. And this individual is playing this round with water. But this is just one room on campus. How typical is this behavior across campus?

[Music fades]