All the Rage: Helping Adolescent Girls in Crisis
Martha B. Straus, Ph.D.
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Many adolescent girls today are in a crisis of rage and despair. Some try to disappear through starvation, others carve indecipherable symbols onto their arms or run away from home, still others bully and get bullied, hide weeping in their rooms, or attempt suicide. How can therapists become more effective with this volatile population? This highly practical workshop will explore concrete strategies and methods for helping girls in crisis and examine the limitations of old standards of care such as self-harm contracts and confidentiality rules. You'll learn what questions to ask and how to rally support for the girls from family and relationship network. You'll also find out about a variety of practical strategies that work, including harm reduction, inviting resistance, and developing a protective circle of adults. By the time you leave, you'll know what it takes to stay connected to these adolescents as you help them become competent and independent young women.