The Trauma Whisperers:
What Works in Trauma Treatment
Daniel Buccino, L.C.S.W.-C., B.C.D.
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With the heavy psychological toll on overextended Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, therapists are being faced with a great demand to care for traumatized patients. While the clinical community certainly needs to ramp up its capacity to respond to the surge of veterans and their family members, there is also a need to step back and reflect soberly on the evidence about what works across different models of trauma treatment in order to provide the most effective services in the most efficient manner. In attending to the needs of our returning warriors, however, we must not forget the need to continue to provide trauma-informed therapy to a wide range of other clinical populations. This seminar will examine differential issues of trauma in those exposed to war, urban violence and incarceration, domestic violence, physical and sexual child abuse and neglect, terrorism, and natural disasters. In reviewing issues of PTSD, DID, medication management, psychic numbing and hypervigilance, vicarious traumatization, resilience, and competing models of therapy for trauma, we will identify the latest gentle, but steadfast and effective strategies for working with those suffering from psychological wounds.