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IDP140 Educating Women Playlist

  1. "Why Educate Women?" with Susan Bourque
  2. "Carrie Lee: A Study of Agency and Access in a Time of Discrimination" with Paula Giddings
  3. "Higher Education for Women and the History of Smith College" with Carol Christ
  4. "From Jean Jacques Rousseau to Edward Clark: The Impact of European Ideas on American Women’s Education" with Rosetta Cohen and Jennifer Hall-Witt
  5. "Education for Girls and Women in Developing Countries” with Cristine Smith, Mona Sinha, Hoon Eng Khoo and Beth Murphy
  6. "Gender Differences? Education and Women’s Underrepresentation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” with Suzanne Howe and Donna Riley
  7. "Gender Equity, Education, Law and the Lives of Girls in the aftermath of Title IX” with Carrie Baker, Kim Gandy, and Christine Shelton